Using Your iPad for Productivity
Reading on the iPad

HCESC Tech Webpage Resources for support
Overdrive (Free) - allows the user access tothe digital library books (limited access to copies)
Evaluating Apps - Using a Rubric - tool for critiquing apps for future use or purchase

Dropbox (Free) Cloud storage for your files
iBooks (Free) eBook tool for books downloaded fromiTunes or other ePub sources
Appitic Collection of apps vetted by educators

Evernote (Freemium) - syncs across multiple devices and allowsthe user to add audio notes, photos,or camera shots
Kindle for iPad (Free) Access to Amazon books on the iPad
iPad Livebinder Collection of websites and resources compiled in one location

Skitch (Free) - allows the user to annotate
photos, screenshots, maps and webpages
Nook for the iPad (Free) Access to Barnes and Noble's collection
Tools for demonstration

AudioNote ($4.99)
record audio and take notes at the same time
Flipboard (Free) Magazine type reader
LogMeIn (Free) control your computer with your iPad

Dragon Dictation (Free) - the user can record
60 second intervals and can continue to record
many intervals for longer recordings
Zite (Free) Magazine of selected topics; items appear based on your input
Popplet Lite(Free) - mind mapping

Skype (Free)
Reeder ($4.99) - RSS news aggregator; uses Google Reader
Prezi Viewer (Free) Allows you to show or view Prezis, but you can only edit text on your iPad (can't create)

iAnnotate ($9.99) Read, mark up, and highlight pdf files with thumbnails of multiple page documents

GoodReader ($4.99) Read, mark up, and highlight pdf files - many file types accepted
Instapaper ($3.99 for the app and additional charges for the subscription - $2.99 for 3 months, $5.99 for 6 months,
and $11.99 for 1 year) Your subscription applies to your
computer as well as your mobile devices.
Keynote ($9.99) Apple presentation tool - best for creating ON the iPad

QuickOffice ($19.99) Office editing suite for iPad - word processing, spreadsheet, presentations (does not require anInternet connection

Reflection ($14.99) - software on your computer "reflects" iPad wirelessly

CloudOn (Free) Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, but
requires an Internet connection

Onlive Desktop (Free) Office apps online - requires an Internet connection, and files are saved to the Onlive cloud

Walkthrough using Google Forms